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Because we see each employee as the sum of everything in their life—from their culture, to their community to their physical health—WellSpark is able to provide empowering guidance that accounts for these realities of life and puts employees on a path toward a more enduring well.

Our life-dimensional approach puts health challenges into context of a person’s total life.

An employee struggling with their health isn’t just a person with a weight problem or a diabetes diagnosis. They are a person who may lack a personal support system. Have untreated mental health issues. Cultural differences. And socioeconomic struggles, just to mention a few.

So, while other programs ignore the totality of a person’s life or try to fit this complex reality into a pre-determined box, our life-dimensional approach works to understand and respond to it.

We take the time to make the connections between health, data and personal experiences; to see each person as the sum of all their experiences and build the trust needed to help them find reasons—and ways—to be in control of their health.

Programs focus on the total person Icon

Programs focus on the total person

Our approach supports the multiple dimensions of a person’s life as opposed to current, fragmented single-point solutions

Intrinsic motivation is key Icon

Intrinsic motivation is key

By going beyond the traditional biopsychosocial analysis, we uncover, address and account for the realities of a person’s world, ensuring engagement

Solutions are backed by science Icon

Solutions are backed by science

Data plays a crucial role in creating customized programs that achieve measurable and enduring results that positively impact both employers and employees.

The benefits are wide reaching Icon

The benefits are wide reaching

Beyond employee health, productivity and satisfaction, our model helps solve for related business issues such as future healthcare costs, disability, workers compensation and absenteeism.

Solutions built to support your business and the individual employees in it

Help 364

Chronic Disease Self-Management Support

No one should be expected to overcome barriers to wellbeing alone, especially when chronic disease affects more than an employee’s physical state. Help 364 provides clinical coaching and support for those who are self-managing their chronic disease. WellSpark’s nurses work to improve participants’ control over their disease and alleviate chronic disease distress. Our team of nurses and coaches helps educate employees and encourages them to develop better behaviors for managing their conditions and improving their lifestyle. Program components include:

  • A 360° view of a person’s health, based on data and analytics, which is used to uncover areas of focus.
  • Silver Fern Healthcare’s exclusive behavior diagnostic tools, utilized by health coaches and nurses, to discover and unlock biopsychosocial barriers preventing wellbeing.
  • Telephonic, desktop, or mobile app communication to reach everyone.
  • Focused coaching and disease education to educate and motivate employees.


Diabetes Prevention Program

A1C levels are a big part of Diabetes. But it’s not the only piece of the puzzle when it comes to  understanding a person’s level of risk—or the only factor that needs to be addressed. DPP is a 12-month diabetes prevention program designed to address prediabetes—especially the risk factors associated with lifestyle and weight management. The program helps lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by adhering to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Prevent T2 curriculum. Delivered on-site or online, the program combines the CDC curriculum with culturally relevant programming that acknowledges the diversity of your employees, ensuring the varied needs of your workforce are met. Program components include:

  • Live-streamed, online classes by CDC-certified trainers or on-site at the employer’s location.
  • Make-up classes available on demand.
  • Ability to communicate and get encouragement from other participants.
  • Anonymous and secure online presence.
  • Silver Fern Healthcare’s exclusive behavior diagnostic tools, utilized by health coaches, to discover and unlock biopsychosocial barriers preventing well-being.
  • Telephonic, desktop, or mobile app communication to reach everyone.
  • Lifestyle coaching to ensure personal success.

Health Coaching for Life

Lifestyle Coaching for Behavior Change

Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and our Health Coaching for Life program ensures employees never undertake their health journey alone. Our trained wellbeing advisors provide compassionate, one-on-one support and personalized recommendations based on the dimensions of an employee’s life. As their trusted partner, advisors help employees identify and achieve their health goals and live their healthiest life. Program components include:

  • Silver Fern Healthcare’s exclusive behavior diagnostic tools, utilized by health coaches, to discover and unlock biopsychosocial barriers preventing wellbeing.
  • Telephonic, desktop, or mobile app communication to reach everyone.
  • One-on-one lifestyle coaching to enforce positive change.

SparkLife Worksite Wellness

Activity and Compliance-Based Incentives & Rewards Administration

Key to long term change is not telling employees what to do, rather helping them uncover for themselves what they can and want to do. That’s why SparkLife Worksite Wellness starts employers on a journey to create a culture of health that empowers employees to take an active role in their health and wellbeing. Our tiered strategy introduces healthy activities to build employee engagement, rewards for achieving better health outcomes and reduces healthcare costs. Program components can include:

  • Incentives to complete an online health assessment featuring social determinants of health and a preventive exam.
  • Physical activity tracking, plus age and gender-appropriate preventive care.
  • Rewards for taking healthy actions toward a positive lifestyle change.

Icon of an employee

It’s about valuing employees and their health

For many employees, good health is a job requirement. But sometimes their job can contribute to their poor health as well. And, when added to the multitude of other factors that make up a person’s life, employees can find themselves regularly making poor health choices they find difficult to change.

But working with people who find it hard to change their behaviors is where we’re most comfortable.

WellSpark moves disparate, long-tenured employee populations along a path toward a more enduring well. By working with employers, we help create a culture of health that adds the dimension of emotional support to their current employee benefit suite. Together with our life-dimensional approach, employees come to understand that this program is not going to tell them what to do but rather will help them discover for themselves what actions they are willing and able to take. And by steadily building upon one change—one success—after another, WellSpark creates enduring results that positively impact both employees and their employers.

Why wellbeing is worth the investment


lost per employee per year due to illness on average3


billion lost annually by employers due to diabetes-related absenteeism4


of employers reported increased productivity with the addition of a worksite wellness program5


of employers experience financial stability & growth after implementing a worksite wellness program5

Our spark  Icon

Our spark

The current healthcare system is fragmented, causing serious gaps in care coordination. Physical and mental health are being treated separately, causing a disconnect in overall well-being. And traditional programs meant to fill those gaps continue to silo aspects of people’s lives, resulting in large segments of employee populations being underserved or outright overlooked.

Our life-dimensional approach, however, allows us to bridge the gap between physical and mental wellness by unlocking what’s going on in a person’s world to understand why someone is not living a healthy lifestyle – going beyond just the symptoms.

Backed by science, biopsychosocial barriers can negatively affect health and well-being, and even limit the care we’re able to give ourselves. At the surface, we may see someone who is forgetting to take their medicine or get to work on time. However, at the core, that same person may be suffering from chronic disease distress and not even know it. Usually deep rooted and multi-dimensional, these barriers, along with things like culture and socioeconomic standing, can impact a person’s ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle while managing chronic disease.

This is why we utilize Silver Fern Healthcare’s behavior diagnostic toolset as the “intel inside” the WellSpark approach. Silver Fern brings with them over 30 years of clinical research, which allows coaches and nurses to trigger the breakdown of these barriers—to unlock the root causes of unhealthy behaviors, bring them to the forefront, and provide the person the resources they need to overcome their barriers. Our coaches also introduce the individual to our ecosystem of support, which includes resources like social work, talk therapy, health coaching, and more, all together in one place – WellSpark.


Our well-being solutions are certified for information security by the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance, and our health risk assessment earned the Wellness and Health Promotion certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Our Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) has been recognized as exceeding national averages of traditional CDC programs.



Roberta Wachtelhausen


Picture of Roberta Wachtelhausen

Roberta (Bert) Wachtelhausen is the visionary and strategic leader of WellSpark Health. Bert has over 30 years of senior leadership experience at national and regional health plans, including Cigna, Meritain and LifeCare. She also co-founded a health benefits startup, Averde Health. Bert earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education and was a Division I athlete for the Huskies. She completed graduate-level coursework at the University of Hartford, studying Organizational Behavior. Bert was named a 2020 Distinguished Alumna by the UConn Neag School of Education. She was also recognized as the 2019 Chief Marketing Officer of the Year by the Hartford Business Journal.

Dr. Wayne Rawlins

M.D., Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

Picture of Dr. Wayne Rawlins

Dr. Wayne Rawlins steers the medical foundation of WellSpark Health. He is a leading immunization expert who spent his career partnering with national organizations to promote health and wellness. Dr. Rawlins also serves as the Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Connecticare where he and his team are charged with enhancing Connecticare’s health care management programs. His focus is on improving members’ access to care and health outcomes. He received his medical degree from the University of Connecticut, completed an internal medicine residency and chief residency at the University of Rochester and received an M.B.A. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Rawlins is board certified in internal medicine.

Hector Torrens

Chief Digital Officer

Picture of Hector Torrens

Hector Torrens fuels the technology behind WellSpark Health, powered by over 20 years of experience delivering technology solutions in health care and other industries. He specializes in delivering business value through innovative digital and cloud-based technology solutions. Previously, Hector was Vice President of Solutions Consulting for Welltok, the leading enterprise Software as a Service company for consumer health, and Vice President of Solution Delivery for Independence Blue Cross.

Karen Possidente-Leibiger

Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Picture of Karen Possidente-Leibiger

Karen Possidente-Leibiger drives the business implementation for WellSpark Health, bringing more than 30 years of experience delivering wellness services in the public sector. She was instrumental in administering a comprehensive wellness program for one of the largest employers in the state of Connecticut and is recognized as a strategic, results-oriented expert. Some of her previous positions include General Manager of the public sector unit for a large national carrier and Vice President of Operations for ProHealth Physicians, the largest primary care provider in Connecticut. Karen earned a bachelor’s degree in health services administration from Providence College and an MBA in health care management from the University of New Haven.

Maryann Videtto, RN

RN, Director, Total Population Health

Picture of Maryann Videtto, RN

Maryann Videtto, RN, oversees the health programs at WellSpark Health. Leveraging 40 years of nursing experience, she fosters an environment of learning and growth. Her focus is always to ensure the best clinical care for our participants. She leads a team of registered nurses and health coaches to understand the clinical and behavioral barriers impacting proper self-care, uniquely empowering clients to embrace healthier lifestyles through this personalized approach. Maryann is credentialed in Chronic Condition Professional Health Coaching through the Health Sciences Institute and the National Health Coach Registry. She also obtained Lifestyle Coach Training Certification from the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center (DTTAC), and is a member of American Association of Diabetes Educators. She received her registered nursing degree from the Hartford Hospital School of Nursing.

Mark Zappone

Senior Director, Program Delivery

Picture of Mark Zappone

Mark Zappone leads operational delivery and execution of WellSpark products and services. Mark brings over 20 years of exceptional service delivery in his position as Senior Director of the award winning member and provider service operations at ConnectiCare. Formerly, he was the Director of Group Benefit Service operations at The Hartford and overseeing service for accounts ranging in size from 10 members to over 50,000. He leads with passion in delivering a low effort member experience through tools, processes and engagement with clients and members.

Media Center

Media Center

Kim Kann

Senior Director, Public Relations and Corporate Communications


Current News

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WellSpark President Roberta Wachtelhausen receives the UConn Neag School of Education 2020 Distinguished Alumna Award November 4, 2020

Congratulations to WellSpark President Roberta Wachtelhausen — the UConn’s Neag School of Education 2020 Distinguished Alumna! Bert is a recognized expert in health care and wellness, bringing the next generation of employee benefits and personalized support to the modern workforce. Read more here.

WellSpark Health: Bringing the Next Generation of Employee Benefits to the Modern Workforce Press Release October 29, 2020

WellSpark Health announces it is helping employers in the public and private sectors improve the health of their organization and their people with customized, innovative solutions for the modern workforce. Read the full press release here.

Hear President of WellSpark, Bert Wachtelhausen, talk about navigating healthcare and benefits through a Covid/Post Covid environment October 21, 2020

The coronavirus disease pandemic has created abrupt changes in healthcare making it difficult for employees to access and navigate health services. The need for emotional support is greater than ever. President of WellSpark, Bert Wachtelhausen explains employee benefits strategies through the Covid pandemic and beyond at the TANGO 2020 Building Bridges Virtual Annual Conference. Listen here.

WellSpark employees give back to communities at Foodshare distribution center at Rentschler Field today October 16, 2020

The WellSpark team thanks Foodshare for all it’s doing to help families in need and for the opportunity to help at today’s food distribution at Rentschler Field in East Hartford. See WellSpark team up with Foodshare.

WellSpark employees volunteer at Foodshare in Rentschler Field today September 29, 2020

Members of the WellSpark team joined Foodshare today in Rentschler Field to help distribute food to our community. Thank you FoodShare for organizing this effort to provide meals for families in need. See WellSpark team up with Foodshare.

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New research shows the benefits of WellSpark’s behaviorally enriched diabetes prevention program 08/28/2020

New research shows the benefits of WellSpark’s behaviorally enriched diabetes prevention program, in contrast to data by the CDC. The study, which enrolled 97 commercial drivers with prediabetes, showed dramatic outcomes in weight loss and physical activity. Dr. Garry Welch of Silver Fern Healthcare discusses the results in Endocrine Today: Read here.

810-P | A Behaviorally-Enriched Diabetes Prevention Program for an Employee Driver Population ADA Abstract June 2020

The overwhelming success of our Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) was recently published by the American Diabetes Association. Read the case study here.

The Next Generation of Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs are Here White Paper June 2020

This white paper will discuss the obstacles associated with traditional Employee Assistance Programs and offer a revolutionary solution. Download here.

President of WellSpark, Bert Wachtelhausen, discusses supporting employee health post COVID-19 05/27/2020

How will employers support their employees as they emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown? President of WellSpark, Bert Wachtelhausen recently joined a MetroHartford Alliance webinar to discuss the ways employers can support employees health- emotional, social, and physical during these changing times. Other panelist included, Andi Campbell, SVP, People and Culture, LAZ Parking, Timothy Kearney, PhD, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Community Health Center, and Moderator: Colleen McGuire, Chief Executive Officer, SilverFern Health. Listen here.

Hear President of WellSpark, Bert Wachtelhausen, talk Total Person Health for better personal care outcomes 05/28/2020

With the current health care system fragmented, how can employers better support employees with these gaps in care coordination? Total Person Health becomes the strategy that businesses choose to lower costs and deliver more personalized care. President of WellSpark, Bert Wachtelhausen explains how businesses can improve health outcomes by addressing the biological, psychological and social factors influencing a person’s health in this One-On-One webinar with Michael Thompson, President & CEO of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions. Listen here.

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